Photo of Elizabeth de Luna Speaking at KCON

Speaking on a panel at KCON Los Angeles in 2019.

Storytelling meets sociology.

I use music, memes, video, and data to explore how the Internet's most fascinating trends are changing culture, business, and technology.

My talks are part entertainment, part education, and perfect for off-sites, summits, and conferences. Topics are tailored to the needs of your organization. Past subjects include:

  • How can brands leverage content trends to stay relevant within larger cultural conversations online?

  • What is K-pop and how did it capture a massive global fanbase?

  • What can brands learn from the success of YouTube's most niche communities (like ASMR... what is that about!?)

Past clients include:

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Elizabeth de Luna Speaker Association of National Advertisers Logo
The Association of National Advertisers
Elizabeth de Luna Speaker KCON Logo

P.S. Curious about what one of these talks might sound like? Here I am discussing my reporting on the radio: